Groton School Global Education


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G lobal
E ducation
O pportunities

Varnasi, Dehradun,India

Athens, Greece


Jazz Ensemble, China

Cheltenham/Bedales, England
2019ChinaWorld Languages, FranceRukungiri, Uganda Ollantaytambo, PeruChamber Orchestra, Music ??Cheltenham/Bedales, England -

By gradually embracing initiatives that have mirrored and sometimes led the development of its wider society, Groton School has grown progressively from its modest, yet powerful, core vision of 1884. Nearly 70 years passed before Peabody’s character-building school for New England boys became Crocker’s multiregional and multiracial institution for the pursuit of academic excellence. It took another generation before girls were welcomed to the Circle and another, still, for the emergence of the more truly ecumenical and worldly place of learning that we so cherish today.

After nearly a decade of inspired experimentation by leaders among the faculty – and the avid participation in and assessment of various experiences by dozens of members of the Groton community – the School is now poised before a new threshold: engagement with a vision of education that is truly global in nature.

Groton’s global-education initiative rises from a common starting point of the widely acknowledged values that have long animated the school and springs into the heart of a new era in which global awareness and global experience will ever more truly matter at all levels of education.